Fine galvanised wire (<1.0mm dia) can be supplied for braiding, weaving, knitting and stranding. We carry a stock of the more popular sizes of fine wire and are able to accept orders for as little as a spool at a time.

Wire can be supplied in the ‘soft’ annealed condition or alternatively with harder mechanical characteristics. Wire is produced to order from a well qualified Chinese mill that has been inspected by us and who we have been working with since 2001.

For spring making we can offer redrawn high tensile wire as required.


(>1.0mm dia) is currently sourced in Turkey and supplied into the UK for use in stock fencing, temporary fencing, composite hoses and building reinforcement products. Shipment is in full containers and usually we take orders in multiples of 25 tonnes to give the most competitive prices. Alternatively we do have some smaller customers and can aggregate orders as small as 3MT, to ship in the most cost effective way.

We have imported thousands of tonnes of wire to the UK in this way and have great experience in finding the most efficient and cost effective route to you.


Very high tensile galvanised wire can be sourced from our partner mill in Germany for specialist cable armouring, corset making and other niche markets. Orders for these products can be for as little as 500kgs. 

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